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The time for transformation!

Everything you have dreamed of for your child’s education is possible! GLA’s formula for quality education is commitment, preparation, consistence, and a curriculum design centered around teaching for comprehension.

In middle & high school, the academic load increases and is organized in eight areas:

Natural Science: We promote integral growth with a vision of respect towards others, their natural surroundings, and their own being.

Spanish language: Writing, reading, and oral debate.

Artistic Education: We not only seek to promote art but also the understanding of art, which also helps build people with excellent qualities.

Physical Education, Recreation, and Sport: Integrating sport into the everyday life of the student in order to achieve discipline through training.

Social Science: Dialogue, reflection, and evaluation of social reality based on the concepts learned in class.

Mathematics and Computer Science: Analyzing, interpreting, and understanding making use of technology and logical reasoning.

Bilingualism: Learning English will give your child a competitive advantage in life and will open up doors for future studies as well as work and social opportunities.

Trials: 4 tests per year as preparation for the Saber Tests for 7th, 9th, 10th, and 11th grade though the platform as part of the Test Tuesdays program.

We are proud of the quality of our school. For that reason, we will tell you about the five benefits of being part of the Arrayanista community. Pick the one you’re interested on and click on it.


Middle & High School Honor Roll

Te vamos a contar un poco más de nuestros textos propios: 

Los Módulos de Estudio que reemplazan los libros de texto son diseñados en el GLA y entregados al estudiante al iniciar el año. Son un recurso de contenido secuenciado y sistematizado de las asignaturas de su curso, para desarrollarse durante un bimestre. Están concebidos para la formación de hábitos de estudio y para desarrollar procesos de metacognición: conocer su propio proceso de aprendizaje, la programación de estrategias de práctica, de memoria, de solución de problemas, de elección y toma de decisiones y, en definitiva, de autorregulación.

Queremos contarte aún más de nuestro Gimnasio los Arrayanes Bilingüe. 

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We are a multidisciplinary school striving to give your children a quality education and upbringing. Gimnasio Los Arrayanes Bilingual is an educational institution that develops the skills of its students though Teaching for Comprehension, a methodological approach in which teachers utilize activities that interest children and teens, which in turn fosters motivation that allows them to learn through reflection.


Main Campus
  Calle 219 No 50-10
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  Calle 219 No 50-10
 Phone: 676 3611 - 676 0203
 Cellphone: 317 644 1202