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The seeds of our school!

Can you imagine your children learning Math and Science while they play “Store”? This is possible with our methodological strategy: Inquiry Integrated Project.

  • It is a school activity which, though playing, focuses on language for cognitive development. It works on 4 basic areas: Math, Language, Science, and Social Studies.
  • It strengthens critical thinking skills.
  • This method captures children’s attention.
  • It is an educational process based on questions in order to generate comprehension. What are we going to play today? The teacher formulates the question and learning begins with the answers.

Our preschool is focused on kids from three to seven years of age. From prejardin all to way up to first grade. We have 25 students per class and are convinced that the relationship with parents is the most important aspect. With this in mind, we have developed the following three projects:

Academics: Parents as partners. Every Friday a parent comes to the classroom and leads an activity for all the kids.

Harmony: Travel Log. A unique diary that each student helps write with his/her experiences related to a value taught at home.

Reflection: Routines and habits. We create situations where students must problem solve on their own; we help them determine if they have made the right choice or not. 

We bet you’ve never seen teamwork like ours; posing, implementing, creating. All this we are able to do thanks to the love we pour out and our work tools. Yes, we have a lot more; in GLA we use the Philadelphia Method, a method based on early reading-writing and word-image association. We use three amazing books, which are included in the educational package.

  • Big book: Thinking Routine through Images
  • Flash Cards: 10 Words per Week 
  • I know: General Culture and Art 


If you are interested in this method and you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to have you with us.

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We are a multidisciplinary school striving to give your children a quality education and upbringing. Gimnasio Los Arrayanes Bilingual is an educational institution that develops the skills of its students though Teaching for Comprehension, a methodological approach in which teachers utilize activities that interest children and teens, which in turn fosters motivation that allows them to learn through reflection.


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  Calle 219 No 50-10
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  Calle 219 No 50-10
 Phone: 676 3611 - 676 0203
 Cellphone: 317 644 1202