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Ciencia, Virtud y Ciudadanía

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You have arrived here on our site because you want to know more about our educational process, and we love that! In our educational project, we are concerned with the integral formation of children and teenagers based on three fundamental principles: SCIENCE, VIRTUE, AND CITIZENSHIP. A student from this school is characterized by being a person that is: a lover of knowledge, in a permanent search for truth, morally strives to do good works, and with a high sense of moral responsibility.

In order for you to know more, we have chosen these 14 points that explain the Arrayanista pact in an easy and simple way.

Academic level: We have a dynamic and flexible lesson plan thanks to teaching focused on comprehension, reinforcement and academic counseling, which has helped us reach a very superior level on the ICFES test.

Bilingual Formation: Starting in preschool, we begin introducing bilingualism, with a progressive increase every year, in order that our alumni are certified with a B2 level through the Cambridge test. Additionally, they can sign up for English reinforcement with immersions and exchanges abroad.

Completeness: Love for study, justice, and tolerance are a few of the values that that we foster in our students from the moment they begin their formation in preschool up until high school, when they reach full independence.

Quality and price: We provide quality education in an academic package that includes: tuition, transportation, food, and text books. Here, we build our own academic material for basic subjects. We have modules to replace text books. Would you like to see them? Visit us!

Values:At GLA we develop workshops for citizen formation and we promote values in classrooms. The annual open house for graduation, environmental field trips and parent workshops are aimed towards this purpose.

Vocational Orientation: We have built a bridge of communication between students, parents, and teachers in order to help young people define their interests for the future. We have an excellent opportunity for the most outstanding 11th graders to take in-depth classes at the universities with which we partner.

Moderate Homework: Do you know what a homework-meter is? Our teachers have access to this internal tool to measure the amount of homework since part of our lesson plan includes a moderate amount of homework.

Competent Teachers: At GLA we work with licensed, committed professionals who are innovative and open to questions, always prepared for educational challenges. For this reason, we run periodic training sessions for our teachers and have incentives to keep our high level of professionalism.


Coexistence: We promote values of respect and tolerance with varying differences with others. We foster a pleasant environment, regulated by the handbook and close guidance of the instructors.

Communication: We seek direct contact with parents and students. Thus, they can get our newsletters and updates personally, over the phone, or through our Cibercolegios virtual platform. You choose!

Reading: We are convinced that during students’ time in school a reading habit must be developed. In GLA we are 100% committed to the Reading Plan, both in English and Spanish.

Use of technology: We want our Arrayanista community to benefit from technology. We are ICTs enthusiasts and therefore promote their use as an educational tool.

Artistic Formation: In this department we offer our students the possibility to explore and discover their talents in vocal and instrumental music, dance, theater, and crafts.

Sports: We believe in the importance of physical and mental integrity. We focus on soccer, volleyball, and basketball. For preschool and elementary, we’ve created a partnership with the CAFAM club, which includes a variety of activities such as swimming and tennis. Contact us and we will tell you a lot more about Gimnasio los Arrayanes Bilingual.

“Education is fostering the perfect state of man in its offspring, that is, a state of virtue.”
Tomás de Aquino.





We are a multidisciplinary school striving to give your children a quality education and upbringing. Gimnasio Los Arrayanes Bilingual is an educational institution that develops the skills of its students though Teaching for Comprehension, a methodological approach in which teachers utilize activities that interest children and teens, which in turn fosters motivation that allows them to learn through reflection.


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  Calle 219 No 50-10
 Phone: 676 3611 - 676 0203
 Cellphone: 317 644 1202