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MEANING OF THE COLOR GREEN. Green is our predominant color as part of the symbols of Gimnasio Los Arrayanes Bilingual. It represents the tree that defines the identity of the school, the myrtle tree (Arrayan = myrtle). In heraldry, green represents growth, hope, friendship, service, and respect.


MEANING OF THE COLOR BLUE. It represents loyalty, trust, wisdom, intelligence, faith, truth, and eternal heaven. In heraldry, blue symbolizes sincerity and piety. As part of our institutional symbols, this color is used in a range from light blue to dark blue, which represents knowledge, integrity, commitment, and power.


THE SHIELD. The body of the shield consist of a minimalist image of a myrtle tree, which represents the humane condition of each one of the people who are a part of the school community. The tree trunk is constantly growing and represents the principle of VIRTUE. It is supported by two big branches which represent the other two of our fundamental principles: SCIENCE and CITIZENSHIP. In the center of the shield the letters GLA are interwoven, and at the bottom of it a blue ribbon is spread across, in which, written in white letters, is the name of the school, GIMNASIO LOS ARRAYANES BILINGUE. The GLA shield was submitted in 2010 by the graphic designer Ricardo Harker Rosas.


THE FLAG. The flag consists of a rectangular piece with a white background and the school shield placed in the middle of it. On the top and bottom edges of the rectangle there are two horizontal stripes of our institutional colors, blue (top) and green (bottom). These two stripes of equal width take up 20% of the total area of the flag, and white takes up the remaining 80%.


GLA HYMN. The lyrics of the hymn are product of the initial work composed on the year 2012 by the Spanish teacher Juan Pablo Bohorquez; only the choir of this original text remains today. The other three verses where written by the philosophy teacher Nabonazar Cogollo Ayala, who composed a new version in which he synthesized our institutional philosophy and brings together the three core principles of our Institutional Educational Project: SCIENCE, VIRTUE, AND CITIZENSHIP. The music was produced by the music teacher Jeysson David Sanchez, who accurately gave it a dynamic rhythm without taking away the solemn feeling that characterizes martial hymns.Listen to him here


Hymn Lyrics:

Arrayanes, transformers, Walking towards final triumph Citizens, doers of science And virtue like no other.

We ground our lives on virtue. With values centered around Integral ethics. In science our Decisive minds are a lighthouse Of national grandeur.

Classrooms are an open field to The hope where like myrtle sprouts Bloom the ideas that conquer The prosperity of a ation that Zealously waits for us.

And we will be defenders of Principles that promote truth. Our towns will be better and better… Students, let’s chance our society!

Arrayanes, transformers, Walking towards final triumph Citizens, doers of science And virtue like no other.


Lyrics: Juan Pablo Bohórquez (coro) y Nabonazar Cogollo Ayala (estrofas)
Music: Jeisson Sánchez







We are a multidisciplinary school striving to give your children a quality education and upbringing. Gimnasio Los Arrayanes Bilingual is an educational institution that develops the skills of its students though Teaching for Comprehension, a methodological approach in which teachers utilize activities that interest children and teens, which in turn fosters motivation that allows them to learn through reflection.


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  Calle 219 No 50-10
 Phone: 676 3611 - 676 0203
 Cellphone: 317 644 1202